As the first MRI venture in New Zealand to focus on high-end clinical and research work, enabling advanced MRI research is in our DNA.

We offer highly specialised, custom imaging techniques for research, with our 1.5T Avanto Fit scanner and recently upgraded 3T Vida Fit scanner.

CAMRI also has a mock scanner which is a unique resource which can be used for familiarising research participants to the MRI environment. It is also available as a teaching resource, or for demonstrations, training videos, filming and more.

The advanced MRI capabilities are implemented by CAMRI researchers, our worldwide MRI collaborators, as well as Siemens scientists. Siemens also provide works-in-progress pre-release software and a high level of technical and engineering support.

CAMRI also supports pre-clinical imaging with dedicated high fidelity coils from RAPID Biomedical GmbH. This combination of advanced imaging options  and CAMRI’s experienced technical staff are what sets CAMRI apart for MRI research support. 

CAMRI provides tools to facilitate image post processing;
- CAMRI works closely with members of the University of Auckland Neuroimaging Research  Group (NRG), the Brain Imaging Group (BIG), and researchers at Auckland Bioengineering Institute (ABI) on novel post-processing techniques.

- Dedicated cardiac post-processing, designed in collaboration with CAMRI scientists, is also available.

- Researchers also have access to a whole suite of MRI post-processing tools through the Siemens Syngo.via server. Additionally, CAMRI also licenses the Syngo.via Frontier server, with access to more specialised and pre-release clinical and research prototypes and post-processing tools.