The 1.5T Avanto Fit is a traditional long bore scanner that provides extremely homogeneous magnetic field and image integrity. It is the CAMRI clinical work horse, providing high quality images across the whole range of clinical exams.

This system includes:
- gradient amplitudes of 45 mT/m
- slew rates of up to 200 mT/m/s
- parallel imaging (iPAT) and Total Imaging Matrix (TIM) technology.
- the receiver has 18 parallel RF channels
- enhanced signal to noise ratio and resolution capabilities.

Most research is done on the 3T to take advantage of higher signal-to-noise, scan speed and imaging capabilities. However, several research programmes are focused around the 1.5T scanner (including lung functional imaging, MRI exercise studies and several client clinical trials that rely on clinical support).

1.5T room facilities:
- Clinical preparation and recovery bays
- Radiology support & reporting (by arrangement)
- Full clinical and emergency support
- Physiological monitoring
- Calibration and QA phantoms
- Respiratory gas delivery (by special arrangement)
- Anaesthesia
- Patient entertainment (audio / visual)
- Post processing servers
- Exercise pedal ergometer