Mock scanner

The purpose of the Mock MRI is to enable both children and adults who require an MRI scan to become familiar with the scanner environment, and to practice any tasks expected of them (like keeping still or holding their breath).

Our mock scanner is a MRI scanner without the strong magnet inside. Although it does not take any pictures, it still looks like an MRI scanner and sounds like one too, so it can be used for patients to practice or familiarise themselves, if they are feeling anxious about an upcoming scan.

The CAMRI mock scanner was the first facility of its kind in the country, so we have plenty of experience with making our patients feel at ease.

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For children

Asking a child to lie completely still inside a big, noisy scanner for 30-45 minutes can be daunting.

For our younger patients, our mock scanner is a great way to help them become familiar with the noisy environment of the scanner and to practice keeping perfectly still for the duration of the scan.

It is perfect for alleviating any anxiety about their MRI scan visit.

Working with professional play therapists,  the whole MRI experience has been designed to be a fun and engaging “play” activity.

Watch this step by step video of a childs first MRI experience

For anyone

For our patients who are not so young, but still young at heart!

The mock scanner can also be a great help for anyone who needs a bit of extra time to practice prior to their MRI scan.

We routinely use it to help prepare anxious or claustrophobic adult patients for their MRI scans.

Child entertainment

For children that are comfortable and relaxed in the MRI scanner, but may get bored, we also offer a DVD movie to watch or a story CD to listen to during the scan.

General anaesthesia

Getting great images from the MRI scanner relies on keeping perfectly still. Even the smallest amount of movement during a scan can degrade the images, making a diagnosis difficult, or even impossible.

While the mock scanner training means many children may be able to achieve this, for others the doctor may recommend that the MRI is conducted under sedation or general anaesthetic, to ensure the best quality images can be obtained.

CAMRI can help with this too. We are one of the few private MRI facilities in New Zealand fully equipped with paediatric general anaesthesia capabilities and all the necessary equipment for this.

Our team of anaesthetists, technicians and recovery nurses are fully registered and are specialists in general anaesthesia for MRI. Their extensive experience enables us to offer the best possible care for your child.